I was wondering if I should use an intro in my videos

I’ve been using an intro sequence on my YouTube videos for, and I wasn’t really happy with it. After some feedback from the audience, I decided to pose the question on whether to use them or not to Cameron Bailey aka Cam the Cameraman. Here is his response:

If you’re doing your own video production, you should subscribe to Cam the Cameraman’s YouTube channel here:

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Best technical product video I’ve ever seen

It’s pretty hard to present a boring technical product like a pdf editor in an interesting way. Bluebeam software have managed to present their pdf editor in the coolest wrapper that I have ever seen!

This product is not aimed at consumers though, it is straight out B2B. There is a lesson here for B2B marketers. You can make your pr

If only motion computing would do a video like this for the their Tablet PCs… That would rock!

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