Adobe Employee Stops Using Pen And Paper!

Wow, have you ever heard the Apple Fanorati drone on about device fragmentation with Android tablets?

Meanwhile, because Steve Jobs strictly forbid stylus use at Apple every company with a drawing or writing related app is making some sort of pen hardware for the iPad.

The catch is, the whiz bang Bluetooth stylus only works with the one app. Doh!

Did someone say fragmentation? Imagine the pencil case of 50gram fat Bluetooth pens that you’ll need to carry around with you.

Interestingly Adobe has developed an interesting pen set call Project Mighty. Michael Gough, VP of Product Experience tells us in the announcement video that because of this new pen he’s been able to do away with pen and paper for creativity!

Welcome to 2001 Michael Gough!

Here’s a photo of my children doing away with pen and paper in 2009.

Child using a rugged Motion Computing F5v tablet PC in 2009

By the constant flurry of activity around the next new crap iPad stylus I’d say that it is becoming apparent to the world only now, four years later that pen input is sorely missing.

We’re all finally bored of playing Angry Birds on tablets and we want to do something useful at least some of the time.

Adobe’s new pen is an intriguing tool for the very small percentage of the 200 million iPad owners who live in Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

For the rest of us suckers, it is clear that it was Apple and Steve Jobs that blew it. iPad cannot replace pen and paper due to the lack of intelligent pen input.

The people that keep on persisting with trying to make the iPad work like pen and paper remind me of a dog humping a plastic toy. Nothing good will come of it.

I guess I’ll just keep taking notes the same way I did in 2002 – with a tablet that has a built in Wacom Digitizer Pen and Microsoft OneNote.

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Designing the Windows 8 tablet touch keyboard

I am intrigued and impressed by Microsoft’s effort to design a better touch keyboard for Windows 8 tablets.

You can read quite a bit of detail about it here:

3 images of 3 common ways to hold a tablet and type

Looking at the assumptions in the article though, I have to wonder, what ever happened to people’s ability to learn?

It seems to me that many decisions in product design – particularly in the tech world and never more so than with Tablets – are based on the fact that people will instantly dismiss a device if it doesn’t work perfectly as expected in the first 2 seconds.

What this has caused is a dumbing down of any device that might fall into the hands of a consumer (read: idiot) to the point where its utility is compromised. Sometimes significantly.

You’ll see in the article that clever ideas like the counter shift key option on the early Windows 8 tablet keyboard design was binned based on what looks to be short term user expectations and experiences.

Ultimately the incredible simplification of the Windows 8 tablet keyboard will at least give Microsoft a chance to compete with the ultimate dumbed down device (iPad), but it leaves the people who are willing to learn something new (like Swipe on Android) without the possible benefit.

Bring back complexity. The world is complex and complex gets things done!

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iPad 3 (aka The new new new iPad) battery charging makes me ROFL

Ok, I don’t really care about the dumb battery meter thingy (oopsey again Apple) although that has also caused me to chuckle…



No, I’m more laughing at the mindless Apple consumer sentinels who are telling all who dare to ask (perhaps I should say aks) on forums why their iPad 3 – or new new iPad, whatever we’re calling it now – takes so freakin’ long to charge.

Subsequently humbled for even daring to aks (ask for the rest of us) users are reporting 5 to 12 hour charge times… hmmm.

So let’s do the math.

new new new iPad:
43 watt hour battery. 10 watt charger. 5 to 12 hours to charge.

Samsung Series 7 Slate:
40 watt hour battery. 40 watt charger. 2 hours 10 minutes to charge.

Motion Computing F5v:
44 watt hour battery. 70 watt charger. 1.5 hours to charge.

Of course the Apple question aksers have been righteously corrected now and they just know that because the new new new iPad has a bigger battery it takes much much much longer to charge!

Apple are just not even trying now. Oh brother!

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Battery Life – Tablet PC or iPad?

Baltery lifeTablet PC or iPad

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iPad is the new iPod for giveaways


Marketing people are so original aren’t they? I used to be in undated with iPod giveaway offers in my inbox, but in a stroke of genius marketers have found a new junk cheapie to give away. It’s an iPad and it’s a lot less useful than those ipods we used to give away!


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Is the NBN a good thing for tech heads like me?

Ipad-Right-Tool-For-The-Job-2According to Dave Stevens of Brennan IT, probably not. In his opinion column in The Australian IT section he compares the NBN to the government providing each household with a Rolls Royce… and as much as I am enjoying my own fast broadband at home (only 100mbps – yowee!) I think I he has a point.

Not wanting to be political, but the full capacity of my 100mbps connection is practically untouched and my real broadband needs are much more mobile oriented than fixed line.

My brother cannot even get broadband at his place in Cranbourne, Victoria and he operated entirely from Telstra NextG. For a few years my own Telstra NextG connection on my Tablet PC was equivalent if not faster than the slow ADSL 2 speeds that I could get at home.

I hate to say it, but implementing better wireless technology like 4G makes a lot more sense than Fibre To The Home… After all, why should we be confined to fixed lines to do what we need to do. Notebooks, Netbooks, Smart Phones, iPads, iPhones and Tablet PCs are not the future, they are very much here and now. They would all benefit much more from better wireless coverage than fixed line broadband.

Update: Judging by the plethora of idiots people commenting on stories on the major news websites, it appears that the NBN represents the politics of distraction.

Punters and politicians are getting wound up about technical things that way out of their depth. They are throwing around billions when none of them have a clue what they are talking about (i.e. they wouldn’t know an ST fibre connector from an SC) , and I guess that was the gambit… What did I expect?

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Looking forward to the Motion J3500

Motion J3500 with touchMotion Computing announced the J3500 this week. I’ve known about the Motion J3500 for quite a few months now and I have been looking forward to getting my hands on a touch slate tablet with some serious grunt. There are plenty of touch slate tablets on the market of course, but most of them are far to underpowered to replace a laptop of a desktop PC. Not so with the J3500.

I’m currently using the Fujitsu T900 around the home and office for general duties like video editing, music recording and note taking. It has been one of my favourite Tablet PCs to date. It has an Intel Core i7 processor (serious grunt) and features a Wacom active digitizer and multi-touch panel.

IFujitsu T900t’s amazing to think about how far Tablets have come since I had my first HP TC1000. To use a Tablet, you used to have to take a massive hit on performance. But this Fujitsu T900 and the new Motion J3500 proves that those days are long gone.

I was using the Apple iPad at home, but I found it way too simple for even my simple tasks… so I switched over to the T900. What I have found though is that I have not swivelled the screen of the T900 out of slate mode in a couple of weeks now. I have also practically not used the iPad since.

I’ve found that I’m using touch much more than I thought I would. Touch is no substitute for the Wacom active digitizer pen. The digitizer is perfect as a substitute for a keyboard. It’s perfect for drawing, and more importantly note taking – which I do a heck of a lot of. But touch is great for navigating, web browsing and really short text entry – for example entering URLs.

So effectively I’m currently using the T900 as a slate… But it’s an unnecessarily bulky and heavy slate. And that’s why I’m looking forward to the Motion J3500.

A lot of people that I speak to are a bit apprehensive about going to slate Tablets – I know I was when I first saw the Motion LE1600 at a shop in Sydney several years ago. I thought it was a bit crazy and I took refuge in my hybrid TC1100 at the time. What I’ve found is that particularly since Windows 7, I need the keyboard less and less… at least when I’m mobile.

Motion J3500 dockedWhen I’m in the office, I have the tablet docked with a 23” Full HD screen and an ergonomic keyboard and mouse. A lot of people don’t realise that slate tablets like the Motion J3500 can be docked, so you really don’t miss out on the keyboard at all. Like the TC1100, the J3500 also has a mobile keyboard that you can take with you, but personally I’ve found that I no longer need it.

So for me, the J3500 is the ultimate mobile work tool. It will also do some serious duty at play.


Apple and NLP – Wonder why you love your iPod, iPad and iPhone unnaturally?

I’ll be perfectly upfront about this: I hate Apple Computer inc! I’ve been a PC since I was 10 years old – 25 years ago! As much as I try though, I just can’t resist Apples products.

My wife and I both have iPhones, so far we have resisted the iPod. We now have an iPad too and whenever I pick it up it just feels… well, magical!

The friggin’ iPad took me four hours to set up (thanks to ridiculous and bizarre app store country restrictions). I have no music, video or pictures on it because it is just impossible to work with that iTunes rubbish on PC. Ditto for the iPhone. But they are both still amazing!

The web browser on the iPad is built to be worked around. It doesn’t do flash or multi-tasking, so when I went to watch the video on how to use the Dragon Dictation app I just got this big white square where the video should be. And yet it still feels…awesome!

What the hell is going on here? Why do these devices have so many limitations and yet I am helpless to resist? Am I that suggestible?

I did some research and found that Apple are using NLP and hypnosis techniques to sell their products to you. Allow me to explain:

Music, emotional anchoring, colours, hypnotic phrases, keywords… it’s all there and it makes for one amazing show.

The following hypnotic NLP ad is so slick that I want to buy a 27” iMac now. I would run Windows 7 on it though.

…tremendous, unique, so much further, bigger, higher, standard, faster, more, truly our best iMac ever!!!

Is Johnny Ive Derren Browns lost brother? He could be!!!

Of course, I can’t say that I figured this out myself… Thanks to Fake Steve Jobs for this: http://www.fakesteve.net/2009/10/jonny-uses-nlp-hypnosis-to-make-you.html

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Steve Jobs – Throwing Stones In a Glass House

It appears that the hailed religious leader of Apple fanbois, Steve Jobs is stupid.

According to the wired report on the now famous “Town Hall” meeting (seems a bit religious doesn’t it – for freak’ sake they make computers), Steve says about Adobe,

They are lazy, Jobs says. They have all this potential to do interesting things but they just refuse to do it. They don’t do anything with the approaches that Apple is taking, like Carbon. Apple does not support Flash because it is so buggy, he says. Whenever a Mac crashes more often than not it’s because of Flash. No one will be using Flash, he says. The world is moving to HTML5. – Wired Article

iTunes Sucks! Apparently he’s never seen the smoking pile of garbage that is iTunes. In terms of designing to usability standards it is on a par with if not worse than Adobe’s lazy products like Acrobat Reader. It is slower than a snail, unbelievably irritating, and incredibly hard to use. Did they design this program to convey the complete disdain that they hold you in as a customer.

What about Quicktime? What a piece of rubbish! It does not conform to any Windows usability standards… and you have to wonder, was it designed with that in mind? – To make windows seem bad? I flat out refuse to install it, and thankfully more and more the format is irrelevant anyway. Kudos to flash!!! I can think of once or twice in the last 12 months that I’ve visited a site that needed their buggy piece of rubbish video player.

All I’m saying here is that while Steve’s flamboyant rant had the Apple underlings in rapture, it was a ruse.

Apple make money from iTunes and the App Store. If they gave it away for free by letting flash roam around on the iPhone and iPad unguarded there would be no profit and no business.

It has nothing to do with how rubbish Adobe products are, and Macs crash more frequently than windows because they are Macs… don’t go blaming flash (which is actually one of the more reliable Adobe products, probably thanks to its Macromedia roots).

So cut the bullshit Steve! Stop throwing stones because that Apple store you got is one freakin’ huge glass house!

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Digital Note Taking and Inking is a Mainstream Feature!

Sumocat-Digital-Ink-Blog One of the best known digital inkers of all time is Sumocat who writes for Gottabemobile.com. To see a great example of what digital inking is all about, visit Sumocat’s ink blog here: http://sumocat.blogspot.com/

But something that he said in a comment on one of his articles yesterday got me thinking…

Just about the only thing I don’t like about the iPad is the lack of real inking, but this isn’t something that appeals to the masses. – Sumocat, Gottabemobile.com comments

Last night I was out at a business lounge in the Melbourne Airport Hilton with a couple of Motion Computing VPs and Sumocat’s comment came to mind… As I looked across the room I noticed business people all over the place having informal meetings and taking notes on pen and paper.

Perhaps Sumocat’s comment was referring to the fact that people don’t use pen and paper so much while vegetating on the couch (or toilet) – which is of course the intended use case for an Apple ipad. And he’d be right about that… Touch will do just fine.

However, I thought how many people work in an office, attend meetings all day long and take notes? Tablet PCs in their current form are unbelievably ideal for this use case, and I’d have to say that there are masses.

At home, at work, in the car (as a passenger or stopped of course!), at church, at the shops, at the post office… there are so many places that you scribble notes on paper. Surely everyone does that?

Touch in any form will simply not cut it to replace the ballpoint pen, but a proper windows Tablet PC with an active digitizer can! If we could only get them into a consumer format and priced like an Apple iPad.

I think now that Apple will never adopt the pen. I doubt that Google will either when they release a couple Tablet PCs shortly. C’mon Microsoft, it’s time to act on Courier – put your cards on the table(t)!

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