Good advice for perfectionists

Some good advice for perfectionists from Derek Gehl of marketingtips.com. If you are a perfectionist, these tips will resonate strongly with you. As a perfectionist, I have a tendency to get distracted by irrelevant details and that ultimately leads to failure. So this article really resonated with me.

In summary, his tips are:Derek Gehl - Marketingtips.com

Strategy #1: Be realistic about what you can achieve

Strategy #2: Set strict time limits for each of your projects

Strategy #3: Think of failure as a learning experience

Strategy #4: Celebrate your successes

Strategy #5: Don’t be afraid to admit you need help

Well worth a read here: http://www.marketingtips.com/freenewsletter/index.php?article=205

I particualry liked the tip on celebrating success. Perfectionism often only allows us to see the faults. So, after reading these tips, we’ll keep pressing on with the imperfect and appreciating it for what it is.


How to stay focused with email addiction

The trouble with email is that it comes in all day everyday. It’s like an addiction, it’s always with you. I woke this morning to 72 messages in my inbox. I’ll get more than that in my inbox again today.

I’ve done some analysis, and it turns out that each day I delete about 100 emails. I’ve reduced that substantially by removing myself from email lists and by taking the time to be more effective with email.

I’ve been thinking about the fact that these email messages come in one at a time and all through the day. Every single on of them initiates the outlook "you’ve got mail" ding, followed by the toast (that’s what the call the pop-up thingy that shows you what the email is) and the new mail icon in the system tray.

All that adds up to a 100+ distractions a day!

How am I supposed to get any work done? I’m duped into reactive email management every time I hear the ding, see the toast and notice the icon. I can’t resist the temptation to head for the inbox.

As much as I love toast… I’ve decided to turn it all off! I’ve known that email is a time management killer for a long time, and I’ve finally taken action.


Menu: Outlook 2003 > Tools > Options > Preferences Tab > Click Email Options

What will I do without my toast fix? I’m getting a bit nervy. Maybe someone can develop a patch 😉 .

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