Favourite comments from iPhone 5 launch!



It’s like… one louder i’n’t it!

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Top 3 words heard by Apple CEO Tim Cook


"Is that it?"



LOL Smile

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I’m going Froyo and Mango simultaneously

Or maybe I’m just going crazy! The Android 2.2 Froyo update announced itself on my Motorolla Defy phone yesterday.

The HTC Mozart has also been reminding me of the Mango (Copy and Paste etc) update too… Great phones both of them… Have not looked back at the iPhone which is gathering dust for one second!

The most liberating digital experience you can ever have is not having iTunes on your PC!!!!

Updating them both now, hoping that it improves general performance for the Defy. Interested to see what goodies turn up on the Mozart. The Windows Phone 7 Interface is the most flowing and useful of all of the phone interfaces in my opinion, and I prefer this phone out of all of them.

We’ll see how this goes…

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iPad is the new iPod for giveaways


Marketing people are so original aren’t they? I used to be in undated with iPod giveaway offers in my inbox, but in a stroke of genius marketers have found a new junk cheapie to give away. It’s an iPad and it’s a lot less useful than those ipods we used to give away!


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Phones for serious business users


I have to acknowledge the iPhone. It has introduced me to the pleasure of Exchange ActiveSync. It is hard to imagine working without a unified mail box and contacts list now.

However, on Thursday l received 52 phone calls and by 3:00 pm my iPhone was dead flat.

Now of course there are a plethora of charging options for the iPhone. Charging sleeves, battery boost packs and car chargers. But of course the simplest and most practical battery power solution for serious users was sacrificed by Apple on the altar of design.

Not Good Enough Apple!

A phone that has 200,000 iFart apps available but cannot practically run all day is a joke!

Fortunately, the benefits of Exchange Active sync have long since been realised by users of tonnes of other phones running Windows Mobile and Android, so now we have a choice!

On other phones like the HTC Desire or HD2 can remove the battery and replace it with a freshly charged one. Instant double battery life!

And, thanks to the fact that you can remove the battery, you can also geta spare battery charger like this one.

No more stuffing around, just plug your phone and battery in overnight and off to work you go!

Now that is a phone for business, not just fashion!


Is the NBN a good thing for tech heads like me?

Ipad-Right-Tool-For-The-Job-2According to Dave Stevens of Brennan IT, probably not. In his opinion column in The Australian IT section he compares the NBN to the government providing each household with a Rolls Royce… and as much as I am enjoying my own fast broadband at home (only 100mbps – yowee!) I think I he has a point.

Not wanting to be political, but the full capacity of my 100mbps connection is practically untouched and my real broadband needs are much more mobile oriented than fixed line.

My brother cannot even get broadband at his place in Cranbourne, Victoria and he operated entirely from Telstra NextG. For a few years my own Telstra NextG connection on my Tablet PC was equivalent if not faster than the slow ADSL 2 speeds that I could get at home.

I hate to say it, but implementing better wireless technology like 4G makes a lot more sense than Fibre To The Home… After all, why should we be confined to fixed lines to do what we need to do. Notebooks, Netbooks, Smart Phones, iPads, iPhones and Tablet PCs are not the future, they are very much here and now. They would all benefit much more from better wireless coverage than fixed line broadband.

Update: Judging by the plethora of idiots people commenting on stories on the major news websites, it appears that the NBN represents the politics of distraction.

Punters and politicians are getting wound up about technical things that way out of their depth. They are throwing around billions when none of them have a clue what they are talking about (i.e. they wouldn’t know an ST fibre connector from an SC) , and I guess that was the gambit… What did I expect?

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Apple and NLP – Wonder why you love your iPod, iPad and iPhone unnaturally?

I’ll be perfectly upfront about this: I hate Apple Computer inc! I’ve been a PC since I was 10 years old – 25 years ago! As much as I try though, I just can’t resist Apples products.

My wife and I both have iPhones, so far we have resisted the iPod. We now have an iPad too and whenever I pick it up it just feels… well, magical!

The friggin’ iPad took me four hours to set up (thanks to ridiculous and bizarre app store country restrictions). I have no music, video or pictures on it because it is just impossible to work with that iTunes rubbish on PC. Ditto for the iPhone. But they are both still amazing!

The web browser on the iPad is built to be worked around. It doesn’t do flash or multi-tasking, so when I went to watch the video on how to use the Dragon Dictation app I just got this big white square where the video should be. And yet it still feels…awesome!

What the hell is going on here? Why do these devices have so many limitations and yet I am helpless to resist? Am I that suggestible?

I did some research and found that Apple are using NLP and hypnosis techniques to sell their products to you. Allow me to explain:

Music, emotional anchoring, colours, hypnotic phrases, keywords… it’s all there and it makes for one amazing show.

The following hypnotic NLP ad is so slick that I want to buy a 27” iMac now. I would run Windows 7 on it though.

…tremendous, unique, so much further, bigger, higher, standard, faster, more, truly our best iMac ever!!!

Is Johnny Ive Derren Browns lost brother? He could be!!!

Of course, I can’t say that I figured this out myself… Thanks to Fake Steve Jobs for this: http://www.fakesteve.net/2009/10/jonny-uses-nlp-hypnosis-to-make-you.html

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If Apple is so wonderful, why do they insist on pissing me off? I have serious iPhone remorse and I’m switching back to PC!

IMG_2250 I was heading down to Wonthaggi to see a client yesterday. Wonthaggi is about 1.5 hours drive from me so I thought some new tunes might do the trick. For 3 hours in the car you need some good music!

So I plugged my iPhone in to my PC and the insufferable iTunes application opened up. I thought that I might be able to drag some music from my collection right onto the phone icon in iTunes and hey presto – new music. It was never going to happen.

It seems that the iPhone is so amazingly clever that you can’t do that. No, Apple insist that I wipe everything off the phone and fully synchronise with this PC. How long is that gonna take? I only had a few minutes.

I initially loaded the music onto the iPhone from my media centre PC (which seems logical right?) but today I was in the office using my office PC. I have 4 PCs that I might use for this task too. Just load some files on right? Nup.

You see because I have six  different PCs that I might use for this task (too many for Apple to deal with by a factor of five – oh but they will actually let you “authorise” five of them). I would have to have all six (actually five, the sixth one Apple won’t allow me to have) loaded up with exactly the same songs. That means converting my entire CD collection from wma format to Apple’s proprietary control system on six (five) different PCs. Yeah right…

But that is the only way Apple will allow me to add to my iPhone music. So now I have this useless thing that won’t allow me to add music without wiping everything off first and waiting an hour for the privilege of starting again. FFS Apple must hate me! Why do they insist on treating me with such disdain and contempt?

I say that because there is simply no valid technical reason that Apple should not allow you to drop mp3 and wma files straight onto the iPhone to play (even through iTunes). So there are only two choices left. Either:

  1. Apple can’t develop decent software
  2. Apple insist on complicating things to the point that consumers will lose all will power, give up and buy everything through iTunes.

I’m inclined to think that it’s number 2, and that’s exactly the reason that I bought an iRiver instead of an iPod for my car in the first place.

IMG_2234 I avoid buying music from iTunes like the plague. Why would I when I can download DRM free mp3 files from Bigpond for less without having to navigate using that cesspool of a program called iTunes?

So buyer beware: Whilst iPhone was once the best thing since sliced bread, don’t expect that it is a phone and an mp3 player. It is not an mp3 player, just a portal to the Apple iTunes revenue farm. Put your credit card away and don’t give it to them.

The app store kept me interested for a little while, but I can seriously say that I don’t rely on any of them. In fact apart from the facebook app, I wouldn’t use any of the 150 apps that I have downloaded on a weekly basis. I’ve even been fully rehabilitated from the games.

I am seriously regretting the purchase of this iPhone. I had a play with the HTC Android phone and the HTC Sense with WinMo on it at my customers office yesterday. The HTC sense is a very nice piece of kit that runs fast and smooth. It’s about friggin time that a Windows Mobile device offered a decent experience, and the HTC sense delivers. Bring on WinMo7 too.

IMG_3364The Windows Mobile move to integrate social media with email and contact management is just awesome. Even the HTC sense makes the Apple iPhone app concept look like kindergarten.

Sorry Apple, I’m over it. I want to load my music on my phone! As soon as I can I’m outta here! I would take a HTC sense of this any day. Making the switch back to PC.

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Steve Jobs – Throwing Stones In a Glass House

It appears that the hailed religious leader of Apple fanbois, Steve Jobs is stupid.

According to the wired report on the now famous “Town Hall” meeting (seems a bit religious doesn’t it – for freak’ sake they make computers), Steve says about Adobe,

They are lazy, Jobs says. They have all this potential to do interesting things but they just refuse to do it. They don’t do anything with the approaches that Apple is taking, like Carbon. Apple does not support Flash because it is so buggy, he says. Whenever a Mac crashes more often than not it’s because of Flash. No one will be using Flash, he says. The world is moving to HTML5. – Wired Article

iTunes Sucks! Apparently he’s never seen the smoking pile of garbage that is iTunes. In terms of designing to usability standards it is on a par with if not worse than Adobe’s lazy products like Acrobat Reader. It is slower than a snail, unbelievably irritating, and incredibly hard to use. Did they design this program to convey the complete disdain that they hold you in as a customer.

What about Quicktime? What a piece of rubbish! It does not conform to any Windows usability standards… and you have to wonder, was it designed with that in mind? – To make windows seem bad? I flat out refuse to install it, and thankfully more and more the format is irrelevant anyway. Kudos to flash!!! I can think of once or twice in the last 12 months that I’ve visited a site that needed their buggy piece of rubbish video player.

All I’m saying here is that while Steve’s flamboyant rant had the Apple underlings in rapture, it was a ruse.

Apple make money from iTunes and the App Store. If they gave it away for free by letting flash roam around on the iPhone and iPad unguarded there would be no profit and no business.

It has nothing to do with how rubbish Adobe products are, and Macs crash more frequently than windows because they are Macs… don’t go blaming flash (which is actually one of the more reliable Adobe products, probably thanks to its Macromedia roots).

So cut the bullshit Steve! Stop throwing stones because that Apple store you got is one freakin’ huge glass house!

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Super impressed with Kindle 2 – Can’t wait until UMPCs come like this!

kindle2I got a chance to get up close with the Kindle 2 over the holidays… Until recently, that’s been pretty hard to do here in Australia.

My verdict: Super impressed!

The eInk screen is very comfortable to read, although I didn’t get a chance to use it in the sun (as it rained in QLD pretty much the whole time).

What I like about the Kindle 2:

  • Super thin
  • Very light – easy to hold for long periods of time
  • Easy to read
  • Long battery life…

What I don’t like about the Kindle 2:

  • Still very limited selection of titles in Australia. It’s getting better, but still not good enough
  • Scrolling control / jog dial – could take a lesson from the old HP TC1100 jog dial
  • Lack of touch input
  • Device is locked in Apple style…

Pros outweigh the cons as far as I’m concerned. The Kindle 2 will do much to attract people to e-reading.

What I’m really excited about is the prospect of using a Tablet PC or UMPC that fills this form factor. No, I don’t want it to run some dumbed down mobile phone OS like Google Chrome or Windows Mobile either… I want full Windows on it. I want it to replace my desktop like my Motion J3400 does… Can’t wait for that – It’s only a matter of time.

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