eBay forces PayPal to grab extra share of your wallet

eBay intends to force PayPal on youEvery Australian that has ever bought or sold in online auctions had shivers sent down their spine when eBay recently announced its intention to force everyone to use PayPal.

There are several reasons why eBay should be blocked from forcing you to use PayPal. The include the fact that:

  • eBay is bad at customer service
  • PayPal is bad at customer service
  • A number PayPal’s Terms and Conditions violate Australian Law

eBay should not be allowed to abuse its monopoly power in Australia or anywhere in the world. If you use eBay, it is vital that you make your submission to the ACCC about this threat to your choice.

Visit the ACCC website to read current submissions and make your submission here:

For ideas on what to submit, there is a notable submission from Electronic Frontiers Australia Inc found here.

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