Apple and NLP – Wonder why you love your iPod, iPad and iPhone unnaturally?

I’ll be perfectly upfront about this: I hate Apple Computer inc! I’ve been a PC since I was 10 years old – 25 years ago! As much as I try though, I just can’t resist Apples products.

My wife and I both have iPhones, so far we have resisted the iPod. We now have an iPad too and whenever I pick it up it just feels… well, magical!

The friggin’ iPad took me four hours to set up (thanks to ridiculous and bizarre app store country restrictions). I have no music, video or pictures on it because it is just impossible to work with that iTunes rubbish on PC. Ditto for the iPhone. But they are both still amazing!

The web browser on the iPad is built to be worked around. It doesn’t do flash or multi-tasking, so when I went to watch the video on how to use the Dragon Dictation app I just got this big white square where the video should be. And yet it still feels…awesome!

What the hell is going on here? Why do these devices have so many limitations and yet I am helpless to resist? Am I that suggestible?

I did some research and found that Apple are using NLP and hypnosis techniques to sell their products to you. Allow me to explain:

Music, emotional anchoring, colours, hypnotic phrases, keywords… it’s all there and it makes for one amazing show.

The following hypnotic NLP ad is so slick that I want to buy a 27” iMac now. I would run Windows 7 on it though.

…tremendous, unique, so much further, bigger, higher, standard, faster, more, truly our best iMac ever!!!

Is Johnny Ive Derren Browns lost brother? He could be!!!

Of course, I can’t say that I figured this out myself… Thanks to Fake Steve Jobs for this:

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