iPhone or Tablet PC

Since i’m a touch / tablet geek I have an iPhone, several UMPCs and several tablet pcs.

I’m fairly proficient at typing so there is nothing faster than typing. But the reason that I have tablets is that it’s often not convenient to pop out a keyboard to type. You can’t always have a flat surface handy to rest your laptop on (although I’ve seen plenty of people try).

So with all touch and tablet devices input is the question.

The combination of the capacitive touch screen, virtual keyboards and predictive correction is great. I use it all the time for quick emails. SMS is so easy with this too.

When writing something like a blog post on long emails, the virtual keyboard on the iPhone is way to slow.

On the other hand, my tablet pcs are excellent for that job. They are a lot bigger than the iPhone so not as discreet. However handwriting recognition quickly becomes a very fast method of input. The good news is that with windows 7 it is even faster! In fact with my experience at pen input, handwriting is fast catching up to typing as a method if input.

So the tablet pcs fill that space. Very mobile, great for longer more detailed input.

So whar about the UMPC? Well they are not as good as either the tablet or the iPhone for input. But what they do have going for them is windows! There are so many things that you just can’t do easily with an iPhone… For me that’s things like access files on the network, play windows media content, access certain websites, backgrohnd instant messaging etc etc. UMPCs can do all of that well…

Wrote this on the iPhone… Very hard work!

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Installing Windows 7 on Viliv S5 without a USB hub

s5_2I’ve been attempting to install Windows 7 on the Viliv S5 tonight via USB memory key. I don’t have a USB hub so I had to pull out the USB memory key and plug in a USB keyboard when needed.

When I got to the installation drive options screen I still had the keyboard plugged in  and I kept getting an error when l selected the drive:

"Windows cannot install to the selected  location error 0x80300001"

After a fair bit of hair pulling I discovered that I could get past the problem by plugging in the USB memory key and using the Viliv buttons to get through that screen.

Problem solved and lesson learned:  Remember to have a USB hub and keyboard handy before installing Windows 7 on a Viliv S5

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