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Windows 7 and the fingerprint reader – No more Omnipass?

Been playing around with Windows 7 on a Motion F5 Tablet PC at the moment and the experience has been generally very good. Handwriting recognition is getting cleverer and the system is generally running well…

The last thing I had to sort out was the fingerprint reader for windows login.

Until now Motion Computing have used 2 components to make this work:

  1. Authentec  fingerprint reading device
  2. Omnipass Authentication Software

I found a post over at the Tablet PC Buzz forums that gave me a link to what I thought were just current drivers for the Authentec device…

As it turns out, these drivers in combination with new support in Windows 7 for fingerprint login are all you need.

  1. Uninstall Omnipass (if you’ve installed it)
  2. Download and install the Authentec driver 
  3. Go to the control panel and search for "bio"image
  4. Click on "change biometric settings" to enable domain users to login with the fingerprint readerimage
  5. Go back to your control panel search and click on "Use your fingerprint to login to Windows"
  6. Enrol your fingerprints using the Authentec software…image

Seems to work much quicker than the Omnipass version, although it does seem to lack all of the features such as the password manager.

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Jeremy Clarkson beat boxing…

Very well doneā€¦ LOL

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