Outlook 2007 problems with Exchange Server and POP3

If you’re getting a “connection to the server was interrupted” message from Outlook 2007 while trying to connect via POP3, the following may be a solution for you…

In exchange, on the POP3 connector, turn of NTLM authentication. It seems to stuff up with Outlook 2007. Something to do with Outlook trying to use the AUTH command.

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Why don't we put trucks on trains in Australia?

I randomly came across the following video showing a Texas train carrying truck trailers (pantech, sem-trailers). I wondered why we don’t use a system like this in Australia.


Perhaps it’s due to height restrictions.

Seems like a good way to reduce heavy road traffic, increase fuel efficiency and reduce environmental impact. With such a vast land and just a few major centers, this would make a lot of sense.

I think that rail is way under utilised in Australia.


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What is an Apple iPhone 3G really good for?

iPhone is toastFrom the pre-launch hype to the post release headaches, I’ve been pondering this question, “What is an Apple iPhone 3G really good for?”

There’s been lot’s of suggestion, but precious few with any substance. A colleague of mine, Jim Stewart of told us in a video blog that his iPhone is an important business tool because it has Facebook on it…???

Don’t get me wrong, I love Facebook just as much as the next be-my-freind-to-build-my-hungry-ego guy… but is that really all there is?

Ok, so it’s a phone… that looks cool… that you can browse the web on… riiiight. *yawn*

Oh, and you can email on it. However, MobileMe, the supposed replacement of BlackBerrys and Exchange doesn’t actually work.

IT wire’s top ten productivity tips for iPhone consisted of things like how to turn the caps lock key on, and how to kill crashed programs… Hang on a minute…! What? An Apple iCrash? I was told that such a thing did not exist!

So sure it’s got a nice sexy casing and a large screen that drains your batteries faster than you can charge them.  But, now cracks have started to appear in shiny white iPhone casings.

And of course, you can’t change that battery, so the whole phone is throw-away tech.

Now I admit that this thing is so alluring that I am tempted to buy one, but that rational side of me is screaming out:

“Please, please, please tell me that there is something useful about this thing?”

I beg of you Apple, please stop marketing your electronic gadgets to me!

Apple iPhone 3G smells stinks to me like the American consumer culture at its peak. As their unsustainable consumer economy crumbles down around them, at least they can take comfort in their cracked but shiny white iPhones.

Instruction to believers:

Apple drones, you have been told what to do by the great fruit shaped corporation in the sky. The iCreator wishes you to proceed to an Apple Worship Altar Store to buy your iPhone 2.0 now. Forget that you ever owned an iPhone 1.0 and please be sure to stow it safely in your desk draw, never to be seen again!

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